Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All about the eyes..

Hello you beautiful people ! :) I hope y'all are staying safe and warm in this cold weather ! I am so over it... I'm ready to go back to normality already ! I was debating on what I should write about today so I decided that it would be a good thing to write about some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes since I have been getting a lot of questions lately about what my favorites are ! What're some of your favorites ?! Leave them in a comment below (and if you have trouble commenting please e-mail me or instagram/tweet me and tell me so I can try to fix it !) and tell me all about them ! I'm always in the market for new palettes !  So without further ado lets get started !

The first palette (Ps I will probably use that word 500 times in this post.. sorry 'bout it !) I talked about in my previous post..the Lorac Pro ! I can't say enough how much I love it.  They have so many looks that you can create with all of the mattes and shimmery shadows ! Such a variety... I think everyone should give this palette a go.. promise you won't regret it ! They're so soft and blendable, not chalky or hard to blend, they're very pigmented & work well with other colors from other palettes as well.  They do not budge off my eyes not matter how long of a day I've had.  It's my fave to do a smokey eye with because I know I can pack the product on my waterline & under my bottom lashes and it won't make me look like a raccoon or panda half way through the day. They have such a range of colors too, from soft subtle colors to dark and smokey colors... once again the possibilities are endless ! One last thing.. I'm sorry he looks as if he's been around the wringer.. but it's because he has.. he goes on any and every trip with me whether that be road trips, vacations, or just going to a pals for a night. I don't ever leave him behind.  With all of that being said, he hasn't cracked not once.. he's such a good one I'm tellin' ya ! DEFF WORTH THE MONEY ! :)  I bought mine at Sephora, but sadly the Sephora I work at doesn't carry them anymore.. I believe Ulta has them though !

The Naked Basics is also a really great palette for a quick everyday use, for someone that prefers simple matte colors or even a younger chap starting to experiment in makeup !  It has all of your basic colors for simple looks plus your highlight color.  I use this everyday for a transition shade.. Naked 2 is that perfect shade to for my skin tone for transitioning. Venus is an amazing amazing amazing highlight shade for the inner tear duct and brow bone.  Foxy and Walk of Shame are great colors for all over the eye from top to bottom to "prep" for whatever other colors you're going to be using.  Crave is a great matte black.. sometimes when I want the effect of liner but not so dramatic I'll get a small, dense, smudge brush and press this into the outer half of my lash line.  This little guy also goes with me everywhere.  For only $27 you can't go wrong !  The shadows are super pigmented and blend like butta !  You can purchase this at Sephora !

I haven't had this palette for more than 2 months but I can already tell we're going to be best friends. 
 These colors look so beautiful on people with paler skin & blue or green eyes.  The colors really
bring out the color in your eyes.  I get compliments on my eyes every time I wear it.  The two shades I
find myself always going for is limit and nooner.  I place limit on my lid, naked 2 as my transition 
shade in my crease then in the outer portion of my eye I blend nooner in there to form that sideways "V"
shape that gives your eyes so much definition with minimal work.  Pop some lashes on with that &
girl, you are ready for a night out ! Such a simple and easy smokey eye ! (Let me know if you would like
a tutorial on this look !) It would be perfect for a Valentines night  ! :)  Same as the Naked 
Basics palette, these are really pigmented and blendable.  I even use Strange in the center of my lips for a highlight. It gives the appearance of bigger lips when you do this handy dandy trick.
 You can't go wrong with this palette ! This one retails for $52 at Sephora ! :) 

This palette is a good one ! It's perfect for a starter in makeup or even a freelance makeup artist that's just starting out.  You get a lot of colors at such a good price ! I believe this goes for $27 BH Cosmetics are  constantly having sells on their makeup palettes ! I'm almost positive I bought mine for $12 ! Most of the shadows are really pigmented and blendable.  You have the occasional one that is hard to pack color on or harder to blend out but for the most part these are really great esp for the price you pay !  Can't beat it ! I don't bring this one with me on small trips but I did bring it with my when I went to Las Vegas & LA and I will be bringing it with me when I fly out to Orlando in February for my birthday.  You can do a ton of looks with all of the colors they have in this palette.  I don't use this one on a regular basis but anytime I want to create a fun look, I use this bad boy !  I even used a mix of these colors for my eyebrows when my hair was a vibrant red.  You can get so many uses from this palette ! They have 2 other editions as well that have other colors in it.  You can purchase them on

That's it for my a few of my favorite eyeshadow palettes ! I hope I helped you out in some way.. if you
have any other questions feel free to leave them below ! Or if you want to suggest an
eyeshadow palette you think I would enjoy or want me to review let me know ! :) Thanks for all
of the support, it really means so much ! Y'all are truly the best ! Don't forget to subscribe to
my blog on here and on bloglovin ! Have a wonder week and stay warm !

Friday, January 24, 2014

Teeny Weeny Walgreens Haul

Hello beautiful people ! I just wanted to do a super short post on a few things I picked up earlier today from Walgreens.  I *FINAAALLLYYYY* came across the new Maybeline Color Sensational's in the Buffs line.  I wanted to buy all of them.. every. last. one.  But I controlled myself and only got two for now.  I stuck with the lighter nudes.  I purchased the 915 Blushing Beige and the 920 Nude List.  Blushing Beige is a gorgeous light beigy-pink (hence the name blushing Beige ha ha ha) that is very similar to Mac's Myth.  The pink is very very subtle.  The other color I bought was the Nude List.  This is a richer, deeper pink compared to the blushing beige.  I have a feeling these two will always be in my makeup bag.  They are so pretty alone and also layered with each other.  The consistency is super buttery and moisturizing, nothin' wrong with that !  They stay on okay, nothing crazy amazing like Stila's Lip Stains that I swear by, but hey ! for eight bucks you can't beat them ! Also right now at my Walgreens they're buy one get one half off ! Next I just picked up some lip liners by Jordana.  I wanted the dark brown so I could darken up the two nudes I got if need be.  It's called coco loco, and it's a rich dark brown.  The other is Silver Lilac, it's a lighter shade of purple but it's so bright as well.  I love this one ! I am going to wear this with my Mac's Viva Glam Nicki 2 lipstick.  I can't wait for spring to arrive already because I can already tell that'll be a constant lip this year !  Well there ya have it.. nothing great and big but it's a little something :) Y'all should go pick up some of the lipsticks.. try to control yourself though because it could get dangerous haha ! Have a wonderful weekend ! XOXOXOXO

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monthly Favorites !

Hello all of you beautiful people ! How have y'all been ?! Today I'm off *hip hip hooooray* and felt like having a chat with all of you.  I figured I would do a few of my monthly favorites because, well, I haven't done one of these in quite a while ! As I was doing my makeup yesterday I was thinking how much I am in love with pretty much all of my products that I am currently using... so why not share them with everyone ?!  Let's jump right into it because it's kinda sort of a lot.. So go grab a snack & a drink and get comfy. Ha Ha Ha !

First things first.. I'm not sure if I have ever stressed how much of a freak I am about skincare and taking care of your skin.  I've always been the type to never go to sleep with my makeup on no matter how late I get in, but in the past year I've taken it up a notch, or twelve.  I am obsesseeedddd with learning about eye creams, face oils, anti-aging anything, face mask, face scrubs, what's good for your skin, what damages it, etc. etc.  I am trying to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging, yes I know it's going to happen no matter what BUT I can prevent prevent prevent.. and when the time comes, Huntie I will be botox-ing my life up.. so until that day comes I will do whatever I can to help my skin look and feel ahhhmazing.  Also one big up, is that when you take care of your skin from the inside out not only will you look so healthy and have a radiant glow about you, but also it'll make your makeup look, blend, and feel flawlesssss ! I have noticed a HUGE difference in the way my skin feels and looks with and without makeup on.

  • The first thing I do when I'm taking my makeup off at night is my eye makeup. I have tried countless drugstore waterproof eye makeup remover and they're all terrible to say the least.  They sting my eyes out and make me go blind for 5-10 minutes and then they don't even get off my mascara after all of the pain.. totally not worth it.  This eye makeup remover (hey, how many time can I say eye makeup in a minute Ha Ha Ha!) is such a breeze ! It is a nice consistency, not too oily but not too watery, it doesn't make me temporarily blind, AND it does its job.  Winning all across the board.  The second thing I do is take my makeup remover wipes and take off the majority of my face makeup.. I use the Nuetrogena original wipes and love them.. I just forgot to include them in the picture.  They don't make my face red and irritated and they also make my face super soft while taking all of my makeup off.
  • Next I cleanse my face, but honestly I'm not really impressed with my current cleanser which is why it's not pictured.  It does the job but it's nothing great and after I use it up I won't repurchase it.  After my face is dried I spray my *holly grail* Mario Badescu facial spray, this does wonders not to mention it's multi-functional (I may or may have not just made that word up) It is such a good pick me up throughout the day, it refreshes and re-hydrates your skin even when you have makeup on.  At night it helps calm the redness in my skin down a bunch ! I also use it when I'm applying eye shadow if it won't cling to the brush.. spray some of this bad boy on it there ya go ! It's also suppperrrr affordable, it retails for $7 at Ulta !  
  • When that dries I put about 5-7 drops of my Josie Maran Argan Oil and press it into my skin.  This is also something that I will never ever be able to go without again.  You can NOT lose with this stuff ! If you're more to the dry side, this will tremendously improve your skins moisture state and give you such a healthy glow.  But if you're oily, it'll also help because oil cuts oil (don't believe me? I dare YOU to oil ;])  I have the travel size and have repurchased it three times thus far.. I need to just break down and get the normal size one.  Give this a go because I promise you that your skin will forever be changed, for the better !
  • This Fresh eye cream is a God sent, no lie.  It is really creamy and dreamy to put all around your eyes.  I am only 20 (about to be 21) years young so I don't have too many lines that need crazy improvement but I did have a few under my eyes and sometimes my concealer would  crease and make me look as if I was 500.. totally not a good look.. for anyone.  This doesn't happen anymore because of this bad boy ! It is a bit pricey but I truly believe that if you should invest in anything it should be skincare, even more so in an eye cream because, hello, eyes are the first signs of aging ! 
  • This Nude moisturizer is so luxurious feeling ! It really gets into my skin and hydrates from the inside out ! I will deff be re buying him after I run out..and he's anti aging.. what's not to love ?! 
  • The last thing I do on a nightly basis is my Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to die for TURBO night serum.  I will also not go without this product, ever.  I have noticed such a big difference in my lashes in the past few weeks.  They were getting so brittle and thin the past year, I think because I have been wearing lashes anytime I go to work or out.  But for the first time in two months I actually wore just mascara and was so happy with the way they looked.  I actually got several compliments on my lashes at work that day which always makes you feel lovely. It's also not too pricey comparing to other brands !  
  • The last skincare product I wanna tell y'all about is something I've been really enjoying this past month  and a half, I'm not sure it's a staple or holly grail product yet but it is quite nice for an even nicer price ! I do this about once a week after I use my clarisonic I put this bad boy on and 20 minutes later my pores are squeaky clean !  It's only $23 for a very generous amount.  Okay, so we're done with skincare monthly favorites *thank the Lort* 

These next two products blend together beautifully.  The POREfessional gives my skin a smooth slate for my foundation (or CC Cream for those days that I don't feel like getting all dolled up) to come right over and give me that flawless canvas.  The only complaint that I have for the POREfessional is that it is a little drying around my nose area, but besides that it's really great to have.  The next thing is my holy grail foundation.. I  swear by this stuff ! I will forever purchase this.. I have tried experiment with other full coverage foundations but none of them even come close to comparing to what this does for me ! It gives me the most flawless, airbrush, glowy finish. It lasts allllll day, doesn't clog your pores, doesn't come off on your phone or clothes, is full coverage but feels so lightweight, blends beautifully.. need I keep going ?! I apply this will my Beauty Blender.. those two are quite the pair ! Not to mention the packaging is classic.  I want any and everyone to try this foundation because that's how amazing it is ! Also it works for all skin types.. I'm dry even more so now that it's winter time but everyone else I know that I've suckered into buying it has oily skin, and they swear by it as well. I will never try to find something else bc this is the bee's knees !

 This palette beats out almost any other palette to me. It's so pigmented and blendable you only need the tiniest amount.. it's literally lasted me ages !  You can deff tell the colors I always use haha.  It has plenty of shades/finishes to chose from.. you can literally create whatever look with this amazing palette.  It's also reasonably priced in my opinion ! I won't let my personal makeup or my makeup kit go without it !

For my last monthly favorite that I'm going to mention.  I have been on the hunt for a nice, subtle, natural highlighter for my cheekbones, nose, and lips.  One of my fellow cast members at Sephora, Renee', showed me this one by Laura Mercier and I had to buy it that day because I immediately fell in love with it ! It's so blendable and has the prettiest finish ! It's not loud like a lot of the other highlighters I had been looking into.. I am so happy she showed me this ! It is so lovely to have when doing my makeup.  I can layer it if I want a more intense look and it won't look cakey or I can put the smallest amount and it's still noticeable.  It gives the nicest glow to anyone's face ! If you're in the market for a highlighter I deff would suggest this one !

Well that's it for my January favorites of the month ! I know it was a lot but I have done a blog post in ages ! Hope y'all enjoyed & helped ya out if you're looking to buy any of the products I mentioned :)  Have a wonderful day, week, month ! You're the best and thanks for the support ! :) XOXOXOXOXO