Tuesday, September 24, 2013


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rediscovery of Tarte's Foundation

    Hello you lovely people ! Sorry this blog post is a little late, I had something come up yesterday and wasn't able to finish it.  But I wanted to tell y'all about this product that I have had for ages but forgot about it & when I was moving into my new makeup/filming/blogging room I found it.  It's the Tarte Amazonian clay 12-Hour full coverage foundation (say that fast 5 times)  When I originally got this product and tried it out I just remembered I hated it.. now I can 't remember why but I just did.  I was feeling adventurous and decided to give this little lad another chance.  A few things this foundation claims is that it is 1) longwear makeup 2) oil free makeup & 3) waterproof makeup.  My version of longwear is 8 hours & so far it's held up to it's claim.  I haven't went swimming with a full face of makeup on recently (or ever) so I can't confirm or deny if this is true or if it's lies.  The only thing that I don't agree with is that it is a full coverage foundation.  The consistency is more like a thicker tinted moisturizer.  Which I am not complaining because I do love me some everyday type of foundations.  It gives me such a pretty finish and takes away all of the imperfections and you guessed it.. my redness ! It's so light that it almost looks as if I'm  not wearing anything.  I would recommend this foundation for a school or work (everyday) type foundation but certainly not a flawless full coverage (special occasion) foundation.  Now for the part that is a deal breaker for many.. the price.  It is listed for $38.  I know that is a little pricey for some people but I will say a little goes a long way.  Also other foundations that I've tried out that says light to medium coverage for an everyday foundation sucked to be honest.  They would come off around my mouth and chin area after a few hours and make a sista look ratchet and as if I forgot to apply makeup to a spot (or 10) on my face aka we can't have that !  I've worn this all day and I've eaten lunch, ran (okay I ran errands, but still it was hot and I may or may not have broken a sweat whilst doing so), and I always have my hands on my face it's a terrible habit I know.. sue me *hair flips* but the good news is, it's still in place ! Hand clap & pat on the back for Tarte !  Overall I really do love this product for a quick and easy foundation so you don't scare your classmates or coworkers when you arrive, or if you prefer the death look then more power to ya, you're braver than I !  I'll put a link for it at the bottom of this post.  What would y'all like to see next ?  My top drugstore foundations or drugstore makeup in general, new makeup room tour, my fave makeup brushes, or an updated review on my Lush products?  Comment below and let me know ! And if it won't let you comment on this blog post please please let me know so I can try to see what's up with it.  Also don't forget to follow me and become a member of my blog ! It'll only take 5 seconds and it helps me out a lot ! I'll be doing a giveaway when I reach 250 members/followes ! Who doesn't love free beauty products ?! You can also subscribe to my blog (all links are to the right of my blog) and be alerted when a new blog post goes up ! Thanks so much ! XOXO

Sunday, September 8, 2013

August Favorites !

Hey you lovely people ! I know I'm behind (eight days to be exact) but better late than never, right ?! Let's jump right in & get started, shall we?

   My first baby I cannot rave enough about ! I've had it for about 6 months now and I love it just as much (if not more) than when I first discovered it.  Without further ado... Lacome Teint Idole Ulta 24H.  This little baby gives you  flawlessss skin without looking cakey and falling into fine lines/wrinkles. Covers up redness, blemishes, pores, and any other imperfection just vanishes.  I've always tried to love Mac foundations but I just can't bring myself to it.  I was always left with patchy areas and it almost flaked off during the day. This gives you the full coverage without it crumbling to pooh during the day.  It's also transfer free, which means, you can change clothes, talk on the phone, roll around in a mud hole and it won't come off (okay maybe not the last one). So I know you're probably thinking, 'Gee this will probably clog my pores if I can roll around in a mud hole and it still won't come off!' But that's where you're wrong ! It doesn't clog your pores.. I have no idea how it can do so many different things & still work for all skin types but the only thing I can think is that you really do get what you pay for with certain products. This is on the pricey side but all you need is a pump-two pumps and you're set.  It has SPF in it so you don't need sunscreen either.. all in one ;) gotta keep protected from those blasted UV Rays ! Sun spots are not a good look for anyone. I know people that use it and love it that have oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, and everywhere in between ! Please go give it a go ! You won't regret it, promise :)

 My second little bad boy has most of
the same qualities as the Lancome does but at a much cheaper price.  Introducing Mr. Revlon Colorstay.  This guy has the same flawless effect as the Lancome.  The only downfall is it rubs off on clothes or your phone easily. (No rolling around in the mud hole with this!)  It says that it has 24 hour staying power & I have never tested that statement out but I do believe it.  When I take my makeup off (I usually wear it for no more than 7 hours)  I have to wash my face a good 3-4 times for it to come off.  If you don't want to spend the money to get the Lancome just yet, then I would suggest this to ya!


 Mac's paint pot in Painterly is something I use on an everyday basis for when I'm doing anything from a simple eye look to make the eyes look more awake/brighter, to when I'm doing a dramatic smokey eye.  This is the best eyeshadow primer ever ! I have really greasy eyelids (you're jealous I know !) which causes my eye shadows to crease/run throughout the day.  Not with this primer/base ! The eye shadows not only stay put through any kind of weather but also it makes the color pop so much more because it neutralizes your eye lids.  If you have vainy eyelids this will make them all one color.  They do have different shades and this one was the most natural one to my skin color.  The next time you're in need of a base/primer go to Mac and pick this up :)

I'll admit, when it comes to mascara I'm really fussy because eyelashes are my pride and joy.  To me they can make you look more awake, your eyes look bigger, and really complete your face.  And when people have spider legs or clumpy eyelashes I can't deal.  I actually have used my trusty dusty Benefits They're Real mascara religiously until my mom came home with the new(er) Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lashblast.  I actually watched a review on this and the girl was saying how much she hated it so I was prepared for it to suck.  But to my surprise it has now replaced my Benefit mascara and it's a lot cheaper ! The wand it curved which I love and it has a lot of tiny little bristles sticking out of the wand to get every lash.  It gets them alright, and makes them look flawless ! It also come off like a dream.  I think everyone needs this in their makeup kit.  I've had it for a few months and still love it :)

I don't do my makeup everyday but when I will do it I don't always want a dramatic eye.  I also feel that when you don't have anything on my eyes I look naked.  No pun intended but this next product is actually the Naked Basics Urban Decay Palette.  I use this every time I do my makeup, if not for eyeshadow then I'll use it as a highlighter.  It has the perfect colors to make a natural looking eye.  The shadows are so pigmented a little goes a long way.  The highlighter Venus, I can't get enough of it.. it's like angels made it.  


   I'm sure you're probably tired of me stating the fact that I have redness in my skin, but I do therefore I always tend to buy products to help reduce the redness.  One day I decided to go to Ulta without a list or anything (dangerous, very dangerous) as I was walking around singing in my head 'you can have whatever you like' by T.I. I came across this nifty NYX product.  It is a concealer that's green.  Apparently green cancels out red, so you already know I had to get it and test it out.  I now can't do my makeup without it.  I will re buy it until the end.  I have tried Smashbox's green primer and I felt like it did nothing.. something about this consistency has much better coverage.  It took me a few tries to get used to it because the first time I used it, I went concealer crazy and the green was so much I looked as if I had bruises on my cheeks. Which was exactly the look I was going for ! But after figuring out the right amount to apply, it is now deff a holy grail product ! If you have any redness you'd like to cover up or if you're going for the 'I spent last night with Chris Brown and made him mad' look, then this product is perfect for you !


   Naturally I am really pale (paler than frosty the friendly snowman to be exact) but self tanners are also my BFF during the hot months.  With that being said I needed a bronzer that would look good with my pale skin and my darker skin.  I tried a few different ones and they either looked great with pale skin and barely noticeable with darker skin or orange with pale skin and perfect for darker skin.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and pay the price for NARS Laguna Bronzer and boy am I glad I did ! It literally looks perfect with white me and dark me.  It never looks muddy and it's perfect for a contour and bronzer.  It's matte but with a tiny tiny bit of shimmer.  This stuff is amazing and so versatile which comes in handy because I can use it all of the time not just when I'm pale or tan.  If you too are a on again off again self tanner I would suggest this bronzer to you !


        This past month I've used my Flat Top Kabuki brush (F80) by Sigma.  I got it in my Synthetic Essentials kit, and I use this brush the most out of all of my other brushes.  Since it is synthetic less products gets sucks up into the bristles than in an animal or human hair brush.  With that being said it is also cruelty free.. YAY ! It is so soft and heavenly.. it's like putting your makeup on with butter if that's possible.

    The next brush I have used every time I do my makeup this month is my Sephora Pro Flawless airbrush brush (56)  I got this originally for foundation but I wasn't a huge fan of it because it left brush marks in my makeup which is a hustle to deal with.  So it's been sitting in my brush container for months without being touched.  Then one day I decided I wanted to try and use it as my contour brush and I'm glad I did because it is perfect for that ! It can get in the hollows of my cheekbones and my forehead perfectly.  It's soft and all that good stuff too but even if it was like applying bronzer with sandpaper I would still use it because it's that perfect.  It applys it in just the right area without looking like it's too much.

Songs & Apps

   This month I have been listening to Ellie Goulding's newest release Halcyon Days.. my favorites from this album has to be How Long... I literally listen to it for HOURS on repeat.. I'm in love with it.  Also her song Burn is a fun, catchy tune.  Luke Bryan's album is just what I had anticipated it would be.. worth the wait ! Play It Again has been on repeat for hours on end as well.  Love his new album.  Let's Get It On (James Arthur version) I can't get enough of it.. his voice is so raspy and so so lovely & he's easy on the eyes.. if you don't know who he is, look him up ! You deff won't regret it ;)

   This will come to no surprise to anyone that knows me but I am obsessed with Instagram.  I love love love it.  I have a love hate relationship with Twitter.  I will get on it for a long time then I won't touch it for days. This month has been a lovin' kinda relationship.. been tweetin' my little heart out.

Let's be pals ! Follow me :) 

Food & Drinks
   Once again anyone that spends a week with me will know that I could eat Canes and Chick Fil A for breakfast lunch and dinner. Unfortunately I have never been one of those people that eats all the junk food in the world and still look like a model (damnit).  So on my cheat meals you can guarantee I'll be at one or the other.  Normal people probably go all out for their cheat meals and go to fancy restaurants and sometimes I do too but on the normal week just get me Canes or Chick Fil A and I'll be your best friend. If y'all don't have a Canes by your house, you need one (or maybe not bc you'll too be there all of the time) & their sweet tea is to die for.. literally the best in town ! I go there some days just to get a sweet tea, 'tis the best ! And their mascot is a yellow lab, how much cuter can you get ?! At Chick Fil A I always get either the chicken nuggets kids meal or the chicken sandwich fully dressed with American cheese & Chick Fil A sauce. They also have a delish breakfast burrito that I'll get if I go there for breakfast ! Talk about yummmmy ! My fave drink of the month is from Starbucks... grande chai latte with lite ice ! It's delish & not too bad for ya either :)  Only thing I hate is nearly $4 for a drink :l 

Thanks so much for reading up on my monthly favorites... I tried not to ramble for too long but sometimes I get carried away haha.  I hope that this will help you in deciding what products to get/not get next to try out.  Stay tuned for my next blog post ! Thanks again & love y'all !

Friday, September 6, 2013

New & Improved Skincare Routine !

   Good afternoon lovies :) These past few weeks have been really crazy for me, and sadly it's showing.. BIG time !  I've never really had bad acne in middle school or high school.  Recently I have been breaking out a lot, not just the normal monthly hormonal break outs but I am now dealing with all over my face breakouts. I couldn't tell you how many masks or spot treatments I have tried that didn't even touch the problem area.  I have also always had a bit of redness to my cheeks and a little below my cheeks.  That has also been a lot worse recently.  I was shopping in the mall with Chummy about a week ago and I decide to stop into Lush (good idea at the time but bad for my bank account) I went in there to get one thing...and walked out with a whole new skin care routine plus some.  I talked to the lady for a while and told her my skincare predicament from the redness to the breakouts that just will not go away & even when they do go away there's still the red spot left over.  She recommend a few things & here I am sharing it with you lot of lovely people ! *Drum Roll Please*

   For starters she recommended that I try out Fresh Farmacy Face Soap.  I was a little hesitant at first because I do have a clarisonic & wasn't sure how it would work with it.  This face soap is made with calamine to help with the redness and irritation, tea tree oil to help with the break out areas, lavender and rose to help soothe any dryness on the face.. aka a soap made for all of my deepest darkest desires ! Needless to say after hearing about all of the great amazing things packed into the little bar I had to get it ! Now since Lush is made with all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals it will take a little longer to notice improvement.  I have been using it for about a week now and I do notice my redness has gone done a bit.. fingers crossed it keeps improving ! :)

   The next warrior fighting in the battlefield on my face is Tea Tree Water.  Again, I was quite skeptical about this at first because I have dryer skin so I've always avoided toners. But as previously stated since Lush is made with all natural ingredients and no chemicals they don't have harsh alcohols in it which strips the skin of its moisture and also irritates the skin causing more redness/irritation.  This particular toner is made for oily/blemish prone skin.  I, however, am far from oily but this still doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry.  I didn't know this but tea tree is actually anti bacterial which is why it is so amazing at fighting the problem areas.  It also had grapefruit and juniperberrys in it which helps fight the breakouts, dries up the access oil without drying it out, AND fights the redness. Again, I feel as if it was made for me haha.  I have also been using this for about a week, and I can definitely tell a difference after I apply the toner and put my moisturizer on. It opens up my pores allowing my skin to really sink in the moisturizer & then seals my skin shut. 

   This nifty little moisturizer is actually geared towards men (hence the title cosmetic LAD) but everything in Lush is unisex, therefore it *thankfully* doesn't smell like a man.  It was made almost as an aftershave moisturizer.  It has chamomile extract, marigold and chickweed to soothe the redness and on top of that cocoa butter which helps moisturize those stubborn dry/red patches. The only downside to this is, it was $23.95. The good news is one dab and it'll cover your whole face and even more.  You can't even tell I've used it and I wash/moisturize my face twice a day.
   This was the original product I went in to get..I cannot rave about it enough !  This really help my redness out A TON.  This is literally magic in a jar not to mention it is nice and cold when you put it on because you have to keep it in the fridge in order to keep it fresh.  It is made with blueberries which are packed with vitamins and minerals.  They also help soothe and reduce redness.  As you can tell my main focus is to reduce redness haha.  If you're looking for a little something to help your redness or blemishes out, I higgghhhlllyy recommend this ! This pot usually last me 2-3 weeks and I get about 4-6 uses out of it.  They are good for about a month then they expire.  I can't say enough good things about this. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and cool, the redness is barely noticeable if at all, and it's only $6.95.

   The kind lady helping me out at Lush (I forgot her name :/) was telling me all about this nifty product Grease Lightening which is made up of thyme oil and rosemary infusion to fight the bacteria. It a gel substance that you put a dab on your problem area when you feel something coming on or when it's already there before bed and when you wake up it's all to the surface for you. No more waiting a few *painful* days to deal with it.  And let me just say it works wonders ! I felt a blemish coming on so as I was told to do, I put it on before I went to bed.  The next morning when I woke up I could feel my skin was tight around the area I applied it to.  When I went to the bathroom I was literally shocked that it was literally all to the surface.  I know it sounds gross, but it's the truth.  The best part to me is it is achieved with all natural ingredients.  It's easy to make the bacteria come to the surface with all of those harsh chemicals that aren't the best for our skin. Once I run out of the sample I will definitely be purchasing this bad boy !

   Well that about sums up my new and improved skincare routine.  I have noticed a difference 
but not a big one.. I still have hope that it needs a little more time since we're going the natural
way this go round.  I will keep y'all updated & let you know what my verdict is.  If any of y'all
have any holy grail products for dry, red, blemish prone skin, hook a sista up ! I hope this helped
you in some way.. Thanks so much.. love y'all !

Friday, August 23, 2013

Here we goooo...

Hello everyone ! :) I'm going to give this whole blog thing a shot again ! I will be talking about everything from makeup, DIY, weight loss, and different ins and outs ! Hope you enjoy what I have to say haha !
Follow & I will follow back :) Thanks so much !
XOXO Marissa Leigh