Monday, March 3, 2014

February Faves !

Hello all of you beautiful people ! Long time no talk? This month is always a crazy one... not only is it my birthday but it's also my momma's birthday !  Sorry I've been MIA ! I have been working a ton then I went on vacation to Orlando for my birthday !  But I'm back now and plan on posting regularly !  It's the perfect time to write about my February favorites.. so let's do this thing !

For starters I have been head over heels in  love with my (fairly) new YSL Le Tient Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation in color Beige 40.  It. Is. Life.  I have never ever received so many compliments on my skin and how glowy I look in my life.  I loveee this stuff, it's so lightweight, but covers so well.  It gives you such a illuminated look.  Now I do take extremely good care of my skin, so my skincare regimen had A LOT to do with how my skin looks (comment if you'd like an updated skincare routine) but this foundation intensifies the radiant look 500 times more, without making you look oily ! Y'all should deff give it a try, head on over to your Sephora and get a sample of it ! *Friendly reminder I do tend to have quite dry skin.. I do  not believe someone with extremely oily skin could wear this unless they set it 58399 times.. okay maybe not that many times, but you get my point* PS The packaging is to dieeee for ! So luxurious <3

I'm usually not a big primer gal.. I do love my Benefit PORE-fessional primer but I think 90% of them are gimics and don't really make a difference.  With that being said I decided I wanted to try the new Dior Glow Maximizer Primer so I got a sample from work.  I am both so happy yet so sad I gave it a try.. So happy because it's truly amazing, and I notice difference when I forget to put it on before my foundation.  It works like magic with my YSL foundation.. they're a power couple fo' sho'.  Radiance to the max ! But I am sad becauussseee.. it's a bit pricey :( *whhhhhhy ?!* But after I run out of my samp I will deff be purchasing it. It's deff worth it in my opinion ! This is not my picture listed below.. I don't own the actual product yet.. still running on my sample ;)

I am not even going to lie.. I have been a Mac Pro Longwear Concealer snob for about a year and a half now. I would try different concealers at work but none lived up to my expectations that I had from my pro longwear concealer (I don't conceal anything on my face but I use it as an under eye brightener) My Mac just gave me such full coverage but didn't feel like it or crease either ! I lovvved this concealer, and I still do but it has officially been bumped down to my number 2 as of this month ! The concealer that stole my heart from the very first swatch is the.... Marc Jacobs Re(Mac)able concealer in shade 1 Awake.  It is the dreamiest concealer I have ever used.. It is sooo creamy, blendable, full coverage, and the tiniest amount goes such a long way !  It gives such a gorgeous radiant, awaken appearance but it isn't too much at the same time. The only down part was it is $32 for this baby.. but I couldn't not get it because of that one negative.. I have never felt this kinda way for a concealer before.. not even Mac, and I was pretty in love with it !  I think everyone should own this for those fancy nights that you just want to feel luxurious all the way around.

When it comes to blushes, I'm pretty difficult because I don't like really bright pinks or reds on me.  I tend to stick with more natural blushes, and when I find one that I really like I stick with it until it's time for me to purchase another one.  This time I saw Sabrina at LoveLaughAndMakeup talk about this Mac blush called Melba in her what's in my makeup bag video.  I had to purchase it immediately because it looked so natural and beautiful on her.. I haven't been so excited for a blush in a long time ! It gives me the perfect amount of color without overdoing it.  I can wear it with any look my little heart desires ! It's such a great staple to have. It isn't a complete matte blush, it does have a tiny amount of shimmer to it, but it isn't a ridiculous amount that looks like chunks of glitter.  It's such a subtle amount, but looks so lovely on the skin. 

I have only tried one other setting spray in my life & it was the Urban Decay All Nighter spray.  I loved it but towards the end, I was wondering if it was all in my head or if it really worked.  The reason for that was because if I stayed in doors in would last, but the second I went outside for long periods of time, my makeup would slide right off as usual.  So I had been on a hunt for a good setting spray for a while.  When I went to Kandee Johnson's bridal makeup class in November in Las Vegas, she swore by this stuff ! So of course I trust anything she recommends , so once I got home I purchased it .  I didn't realize it said matte finish until after it came in, and I'm not the biggest fan of matte things, so it's kind of been sitting around on my desk for quite sometime.  This past month since I've been using so many 'dewy' products and not setting them with any kind of powder I figured it would be a nice balance, and I am so glad I tried it out ! It doesn't give me a matte finish at all, but it does however, give me the perfect in between.. still more so to the dewy side but it does tone it down a tad and makes my makeup stay on through anything ! This was such a lifesaver whilst in Florida, being in the hot humid parks for hours out of the day, and my makeup stayed perfect all day ! I am so happy I bought this.. and I will continue to do so.. just 3 sprays and no touch ups needed !

Now.. not so beauty related faves of the month..
I cannnnnot get enough of this movie, I am so obsessed.  My pal Suze introduced me to it at the end of January and ever since then it's all I wanna watch.  I love movies but I'm not one to watch them over and over, but with this one I am glued to the screen the whole time.  It's such a beautiful story and the actors/actresses are phenomenal in it !  I'm usually so anti romance movies, and even tho this is so much more than that, I am obsessed with their love story..It's so perfect.. can't say enough good things about it !  It's now my life mission to have a love like Johnny & June... doubt that'll happen bc they're so perfect for each other but I can die trying, right ?! Ha ha ha ! 

As for my favorite songs of the month, they're kind of all over the place becuase I listen to everything from country to pop.. literally. everything. in. between.  For the first song I've been loving it's Tegan and Sara's How Come You Don't Want Me... I get so excited when it comes on at work.  It's so fun and I love the sound of it.. very different but in all ways possible ! Here's the link to it.. Go give it a listen !

Another song I can't stop listening to is Vampire Weekend's Diane Young. It gets me pumped on the moment it comes on.  It's now on my bucket list to go see them live.  This song is a get up a dance song.. lovesss it ! Go give it a listen as well ;)

For my last fave song of the month it's from the cutest lil' (big) country boy aka Chris Young.  His whole album really has been a fave since it came out, it has the perfect mixture of slow songs and fun faster songs.  A few of mt faves that I love to get dramatic with are Lonely Eyes, Who I Am With You & Text Me Texas. I could listen to his voice all day, everyday. The Link for his album will be below, you won't regret clicking it!

Thank y'all again for the support and feedback, it makes my day to know my recommendations 
help just one of you out, much less a bunch of y'all.  Melts my lil heart.  I hope this month's helped you
out in some way shape or form ! I love you allll ! :) Don't forget to follow me on BLOGSPOT ! XOXOXO